Project Description:

Jewel City Crossfit is not your average gym. You won’t find any machines here. You will find barbells, pull-up rigs, boxes, tires, sledgehammers, rings, and many more “toys.” Our workouts combine movements such as running, rowing, jumping, Olympic weightlifting, and gymnastics. Each day you will step into the gym with a class of no more than 20 and complete a new “WOD” or “Workout of the Day. ” Workouts are most often completed in a group setting, which will range anywhere from 10-20 people. This will give the trainers an opportunity to give each member the adequate focus they need to ensure each movement is being performed safely. We will then get you ready by doing a series of stretches and warm-ups, then jump right into the WOD. We then keep track of your score by logging it on our board in order for you to keep track of your progress over time.